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12 weeks

The intensive program will run for 12 weeks including three weekend stays at one of Sörmlands many castles where we will work hard, create synergies, network with likeminded people and enjoy nice dinners!

Create X is part of Create Business Incubator with offices in Eskilstuna and Västerås and we have an extensive network! And we love to share!

During the 12-week program you will meet and work with some of our dedicated and talented mentors. We have an extensive network and will work hard to get you connected!

We firmly believe in networking and we will make sure to invite many of our regional investors to as many events as possible giving you the maximum chance to hangout with investors to find the perfect match. At the end of the 12 weeks you will get the chance to pitch for a network of investors which hopefully will get you an investment! Let’s go go go!

Yup, the program is for free!

What can you expect after these 12 weeks?

  • A well honed pitch – oh yes we will make absolute sure you nail your pitch!

  • Startup funding roadmap – We will make you know how to be attractive to fundings.

  • A personal transition map – personal growth? Absolutely.

  • Collaborative Co-working – you get to meet likeminded dedicated people!

  • Expert network – we have a big network of experts within investment and business development of which you will get to meet.